Wear & Care

How to Wear Your Smile Mask:

  • Make sure your mask is right side up! The top of the mask has a small wire sewn into the fabric. The pleat tucks under your chin.
  • Open the inside folds of your smile mask and pull elastics around each ear. If the elastic loops are too big and the mask doesn't curve around your face, tie new knots to shorten the loops and pull in the sides of the mask.
  • Mold the wired side so it sits snug around your nose and tuck the pleated side under your chin.

Smile Mask Daily Care:

  • Hand wash in warm water with antibacterial soap and allow to air dry.
  • Re-apply anti-fog spray as needed. Apply one or two sprays to the inside of the window and gently dry with a soft cloth.

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Thank you for purchasing a smile mask!